GMHA History
    Mrs. Lily Memorial Information

Memorial Service for Mrs. Lily was held June 16,2011
The event was a success and the white room was filled to
capacity.  The love  shown for  Mrs. Lily was outstanding.
Below is a link to the Harden/Pauli Funeral home.  Click on
Obituaries  and look or  search for Mrs. Lily.  You can leave
comments and upload pictures and movies.  Please share.

Harden/Pauli Funeral Home

Thank You - Mr. Jim and Ms. Teresa

The movie from the memorial service has been posted
on Lily's Memorial page @ Harden/Pauli as well as
YouTube - My channel is jimkata2000

If you visit my YouTube channel, look for Chel in my
channel list.  She has posted video of the
memorial service.  You can also just search for
Mrs. Lily memorial and get both.

Gold Medal Honors Academy was conceived and start by Mrs.
Lily Schwarz during the spring/summer of 1999.  GMHA
started as a  home school resource center in August 1999.  
During the course of the year there were a lot of request for
classes and a school.  After much prayer and thought Mrs. Lily
expanded to a full time high school that she ran until her
untimely passing during the summer of 2011.  Mr. Jim and Ms.
Teresa continued the school for the 2011-2012 school year but
for various reasons had to close the school at the end of the
school year.

Take a look at our Senior Class page to see where our many
graduates have gone.  This is a very brief history and if
possible I will expand it in the future. - Mr. Jim